Maiadouro operates vertically in its industry, covering all segments of the printing production process.

Maiadouro works according to the international standard ISO 12647-2 procedures for offset printing, consisting of colour control parameters, both in colour proofs, as well as in printed material, measured by spectrophotometers, densitometers, and colorimeters.


Pepress is the 1st stage of production of a work and it is also here that the quality control begins according to international standards ISO 12647-2. Maiadouro is equipped with a drum scanner, the latest Macintosh computers with correct and updated software and CTPs (computer to plate), inkjet printers for plotters, and certified digital colour proofs. PDF Workflow.


In the offset printing industry, the machines include 8 units that, as a whole, add up to 36 printing units, from 36x52 cm format up to 75x106 cm that print, according to their characteristics, from 1 to 8 colours straight and from 1 to 4 colours perfecting - supported by an integrated digital system for prepress areas with the printing (PrintNet).
In digital printing there are 2 units, in 1 colour and 4 colours.


Perfection is constantly present in all production areas. Therefore, we have a very careful and demanding attitude in the finishing area. Our very experienced team is ready to give a complete response to this complex stage in the process of finalising any work. We have machines for cutting, folding, gathering, sewing, paper-back and hard-back cover insertion, three knife timming, hard back cover preparation, impressing, hot stamping, shrink wrapping, die-cutting, perforation, relief, among others.