Maiadouro is proud to have won several honourable awards in the Graphic Print Industry throughout the years, with special attention given to the 1st National Print Quality Award, the company having come in 1st place in the Books section in 1984. Various awards such as PAPIES, INAPA, CMYK Awards, among others, are also other important awards that the company has won over the years.

In terms of major works carried out for artists, museums, world exhibitions, and the cultural area in general, we wish to bring your attention to the FRANCISCO D’OLLANDA (1983), CANCIONEIRO DA AJUDA (1994), TRATADO DE TORDESILHAS (1994), WINE IN PORTUGAL (2006), PAULA REGO (2006), among other recent honours.

On a more institutional level, Maiadouro has won various SME Excellence awards for management or SME Leader awards since 1998.

Book "casa das sete senhoras" 2016