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With more than 60 years of experience, Gráfica Maiadouro, is a printing industry reference in today's national and international market.

More than 500 years after Gutenberg's invention, and 900 years after the invention of the world's first movable type technology created by Bi Sheng - even though Maiadouro invented nothing - Gutenberg's legacy, engraved in movable type made of metal, would gain a new life in 1960.

The acumen in bringing to Portugal the good that was already being done abroad, the courage to go further and the commitment to realise on paper what many only saw in dreams, helped Domingos de Oliveira, founder, to consolidate the name of this family company. With a very special presence in the cultural area, we offer unique solutions tailored to each client in the areas of prepress, press and postpress.


We are located in Grande Porto and in the heart of the city of Lisbon.

Headquartered in Maia - one of the most important industrial centres in the Greater Porto area - the premises boast a total of around 11 thousand square metres. Dotted by various machines are air-conditioned industrial facilities for the stabilisation of raw materials essential for a proper work performance, eight of which are printing machines, making it a total of 36 units for all formats. It prints from one to eight colours at the same time, and from one to four in perfecting press.
The delegation, which is located in the heart of the city of Lisbon, allows us to establish a close and careful relationship with our clients in the centre and south of the country.

Impressão sustentável de manuais de utilização, suportes, embalagens entre outros suportes gráficos para o setor industrial

The path to acknowledgement is made as team


Here, as in everything, teamwork is essential. With more than 70 people, between offices and factory, Maiadouro has seen people who started their professional life in the company and left it for retirement.
In Maiadouro, those who have knowledge, share it between departments, between hierarchies. It is as a team that the steps taken at risk become steadier. And the path is that of evolution, in the Graphic Arts and in Maiadouro.
We still try, we still make mistakes, we still look for the ideal. But we get it right more and more. Better and better. If there is a secret, it is this: teamwork, and our makes the difference!


Our audit reports are based on rigor, not forgetting good environmental practices.

PME líder no setor gráfico


Somos sustentavelmente certificados: ISO

ISO 12647-2

Somos sustentavelmente certificados: PEFC


Somos sustentavelmente certificados: FSC



It is a privilege to work every day with the feeling that we are responsible for passing on culture's testimony onto others.

Throughout its history, Maiadouro is proud to have been awarded several and recognized prizes connected to the printing industry and its management.

But more importantly, it is the pride of being able to contribute to many works that today enrich so many libraries and museums around the world. Projects that are recognised and awarded numerous prizes for their authors, designers, writers, painters, photographers, curators, people with an identical amounts of sensibility and professionalism.


We are ready to meet all the demands of the Cultural and Industrial sector.

Our clients can be found in all areas of economic activity.

Noteworthy are the Official and Private Organisms linked to Culture and Education, Banking and Insurance Companies, Industry, Commerce and Services. We work in partnership with Museums and with the most renowned Artists, we execute catalogues for world exhibitions and works of recognised merit. All this is possible because our constant posture of Flexibility is real. We adapt our production to the time and quality required by each author and each work.

Our challenges

Defining trends and setting up correct partnerships, as well as giving a customised, fast, and quality response.

New project? Our team is ready to help you.