Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics


Objective and scope

Gráfica Maiadouro’s Code of Ethics and Conduct aims to establish a set of principles, rules and values of an ethical nature, which must be observed by the company and all its Employees, as well as to promote the adoption of ethical and deontological principles and rules by its Business Partners and Suppliers.

This Code applies, therefore, to all the members of the social bodies, employees, partners and suppliers of Gráfica Maiadouro.

It should be interpreted with the other regulatory instruments of Gráfica Maiadouro, as well as, with the applicable legislation in effect.


2. Mission and Values

Gráfica Maiadouro is a company with more than six decades of activity and experience, having obtained, throughout the years, national and international notoriety in the sector where it performs its activity.

Its mission has always been guided by the development of a close and trusting relationship with its Customers, putting knowledge and innovation on products and services of excellence, respecting and valuing Man and Nature.

Ambition, ethics, excellence, integrity, responsibility, resilience and rigour are values that rule Gráfica Maiadouro in the exercise of its activity and in the pursuit of its mission.

Furthermore, society also defends innovation, sustainability and efficiency throughout the production process.


3. Standards of conduct

  • 3.1. Social Responsibility

Besides Gráfica Maiadouro being a company that fully respects the applicable legislation in all its business decisions, it guides its conduct by environmental concerns, through:

  1. • The development of awareness-raising activities for its Employees with regards to the environmental impact of their individual and collective conduct;
  2. • Promoting efficient use of natural resources;
  3. • Incorporation of technologies and machines in production that contribute to sustainable development, including the reduction of the ecological footprint.


  • Company commitment

Gráfica Maiadouro respects the rules and principles contained in the national and international legislation concerning human rights and labour rights.

Thus, no discriminatory behaviour is allowed on the basis of ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family situation, economic situation, education, origin or social condition, genetic heritage, reduced capacity to work, disability, chronic illness, nationality, ethnic origin or race, territory of origin, language, religion, political or ideological beliefs, trade union membership or any other.

Equal opportunities are also promoted and integrity and dignity are ensured in the workplace.

The working environment should be based on mutual respect and cooperation, and we will not tolerate any behaviour that may constitute harassment or any other conduct that undermines the dignity of its employees.

Gráfica Maiadouro has also implemented policies to promote health, hygiene and safety in the workplace and complies with the legal obligations applicable to this matter.

It adopts a policy based on transparency and fairness, and does not tolerate any form of abuse, bribery, corruption or money laundering, as well as refrains from unfair commercial practices and the practice of any violation of Human Rights or of International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions, with a special rejection of child labour and forced or compulsory labour.

Finally, Gráfica Maiadouro is committed to strict compliance with national and international legislation on data protection and to guarantee the effectiveness of the rights that derive from it for the respective owners.

  • Employee Resposibility

The relationship between Employees and between the latter and the members of the corporate bodies of Gráfica Maiadouro should be based on mutual respect, loyalty, integrity, cooperation, honesty and transparency, and all should seek to achieve the best collective result, in a committed and professional manner.

Employees must assume with all business partners and Suppliers of Gráfica Maiadouro, a behaviour of cooperation, cordiality and professionalism, which contributes to the maintenance of a good work environment.

Employees assume the commitment of updating their knowledge and skills, attending the training opportunities placed at their disposal by Gráfica Maiadouro.

They should exercise their activity in a dignified and responsible manner, using the company’s assets efficiently in order to achieve the defined objectives and not for personal or other purposes, and ensuring the protection and good condition of the company’s assets.

Employees must ensure the confidentiality of the information and know-how to which they have access in the course of their duties, and may not use them to obtain advantages for themselves or for third parties.

They should also abstain from exercising activities that compete with those developed by Gráfica Maiadouro.

Finally, Employees must not intervene in decision-making processes in which they have a personal interest, namely when they involve, directly or indirectly, organisations with which they collaborate or have collaborated or people with whom they are or have been connected by ties of kinship, affinity or friendship.

In the event that it is not possible for them not to intervene, they should inform their hierarchical superior of the existence of such connections.

  • Commitment to their Clients

Gráfica Maiadouro’s main objective is to ensure the development of a relationship of proximity and trust with its Clients, which allowed it to achieve standards of excellence in the provision of services, for several decades, in the sector where it operates.

Gráfica Maiadouro has implemented practices to ensure the quality of its products and services throughout the entire production process, namely through specific colour control parameters, use of raw materials of excellence, among others.

Provides clear and unequivocal information on products and services, enabling Customers to make informed decisions.

It also ensures compliance with all the conditions assumed with its Customers and the confidentiality of the information transmitted within the scope of the commercial relationship.

Last but not least, it ensures that personal data is not transmitted without your express and informed consent, except where consent is not legally required or transmission is in compliance with applicable law.

  • Commitment to Business Partners and Suppliers

Gráfica Maiadouro assumes the commitment of treating its Business Partners and Suppliers with professionalism, respect and transparency, fulfilling all the obligations assumed with them and establishing a clear and objective communication, in order to preserve a relationship of trust.

It also guarantees the confidentiality of the information transmitted by its Business Partners and Suppliers, namely when it regards industrial property, proposals and estimates.

  • Commitment with Governmental and Administrative Entities

Gráfica Maiadouro adopts a posture of cooperation, transparency and respect towards the Public Authorities, providing in a timely manner all the information requested by them.

It also assumes the commitment to observe the national and international legislation applicable to its activity, complying with all its legal and contractual obligations.


4. Disclosure

This Code will be disclosed in Gráfica Maiadouro’s site and made available to all its Employees, in printed and/or digital formats, as well as its successive alterations, revisions or updates.


Rule Compliance

For the purposes of this Code, an offence is considered to be any act or omission in breach of or in disregard of the rules of professional ethics and the provisions of this Code.

Full compliance with all the rules contained in this Code is binding for all Gráfica Maiadouro Employees, and failure to comply may have disciplinary consequences under the general terms foreseen in the labour legislation.

Employees are required to report possible violations of this Code to their superiors, ensuring their protection against any type of retaliation and the confidentiality of the entire process.

Maia, 17 February 2021
Gráfica Maiadouro